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COVID-19 testing to sustain in-person instruction and extracurricular activities in high schools – Utah – CDC, 5/28/21

Utah testing programs among 140 high schools to sustain in-person instruction and extracurricular activities between November 30, 2020 and March 20, 2021. Among 59,552 students who received testing, 1,886 (3.2%) had a positive result. These programs facilitated the completion of approximately 95% of high school extracurricular competition events and saved an estimated 109,752 in-person instruction student-days. School-based COVID-19 testing should be considered part of a comprehensive prevention strategy to identify SARS-CoV-2 infections in schools and sustain in-person instruction and extracurricular activities.

Mask use and ventilation improvements to reduce COVID-19 incidence in elementary schools – Georgia – CDC, 5/28/21

Georgia study among 169 elementary (K-5) schools in 51 counties between November 16 and December 11, 2020 with median class size of 19 students. COVID-19 incidence was 37% lower in schools that required teachers and staff members to use masks and 39% lower in schools that improved ventilation. Ventilation strategies associated with lower school incidence included dilution methods alone (35% lower incidence) or in combination with HEPA filtration methods (48% lower incidence) with or without UVGI. Mask requirements for adults and improved ventilation provide safer, in-person learning environments.

Strategic air purifier placement reduces virus spread within music classrooms – American Institute of Physics, 3/9/21 

Airborne transmission of SARS-CoV-2 – Science Magazine, 10/5/20

How to assess classroom ventilation rates – Harvard School of Public Health, 8/28/20 

Pandemic control in high-performance buildings – Consulting-Specifying Engineer magazine, 8/18/20

COVID guidance document, v3 – REHVA, 8/3/20

Reopening guide for schools and universities – ASHRAE, 7/17/20

Can HVAC systems help prevent transmission of COVID-19? – McKinsey, 7/9/20

COVID-19 White Paper – Taylor Engineering, 6/2/20




It is time to clean up the air in buildings – Economist, 5/29/21

Ventilation and surveillance testing can help keep U.S. schools open in the fall, new studies suggest – NY Times, 5/21/21

Two new studies found that schools can stay open and students remain safe by improving ventilation, requiring adults to wear face masks, and implementing strategic surveillance plans. A Georgia study surveyed 169 elementary schools and found Covid-19 incidence was 35% lower in schools with improved ventilation (opening windows/doors or using fans) and when combined with air distribution HEPA filtration incidence was 48% lower. Requiring all staff to wear masks reduced incidence by 37%. A second study in Utah focused on two screening programs to reduce the impact of Covid by either conducting testing when breakouts occurred instead of automatically shifting to remote learning or requiring students be tested for Covid every 14 days in order to participate in sports or other extracurricular activities.

Cost, conflicting advice hamper COVID-19 IAQ upgrades in schools, says center for green schools – ENR, 4/30/21

Most US buildings don’t have this kind of ventilation systems, but it could prevent COVID-19 spread – Fast Company, 3/22/21

Scientists highlight low risk of COVID-19 spread in schools – CIDRAP, 1/27/21

Data and policy to guide opening schools safely to limit the spread of SARS-CoV-2 infection – JAMA, 1/26/21

Report details schools’ HVAC problems – New Haven Independent, 1/26/21

DPS installs new air filters to reduce COVID-19 particles – 9NEWS, 1/11/21

Making IAQ better with COVID-19 in the air – Consulting-Specifying Engineer magazine, 10/9/20

The CDC has finally acknowledged that the Coronavirus can be airborne - MIT Technology Review, 10/6/20

Are Schools HVAC’S New Hotspot for Opportunity? – ACHR News, 9/29/20

Henderson Engineers uses retrofit UV light in HVAC systems to disinfect indoor air – KSHB Kansas City, 9/24/20

New research explains why children are far less vulnerable to COVID-19 than adults – Science Magazine, 9/21/20

Indoor air quality a top concern among people returning to work – Facility Executive, 9/14/20

Key to preventing COVID-19 indoors: ventilation – WSJ, 9/1/20

COVID-19 is transmitted through aerosols. We have enough evidence, now it is time to act – TIME, 8/25/20

How COVID-19 is affecting air quality, smart buildings – Consulting-Specifying Engineer magazine, 7/28/20

Mounting evidence suggests Coronavirus is airborne, but health advice has not caught up  - Nature, 7/8/20

Mechanical system tips for reducing pandemic risks – Peter Basso Associates, 5/27/20

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