New Price Product Catalog

Renders of all the previous Handbooks from version 1 to version 8The Fully Redesigned Product Catalog

Price’s commitment to research, development, innovation, and precision engineering remains the cornerstone of the company. We invest relentlessly in product development, in both differentiated niche products and standard commodity products.

The fully redesigned catalog highlights this commitment with:

  • Modern 3D product renders
  • Fully tested performance data
  • Technical, engineer and architect focused content

Engineer's HVAC Handbook

Price Engineer's Handbook

The Ultimate Guide to HVAC Fundamentals

The handbook is a 1,300 page comprehensive guide featuring 21 chapters of industry knowledge including 99 design examples with fully derived equations, 15 informative research highlights and over 1,000 graphics. 

Its fusion of fundamental principles, ongoing research and building design guidance makes the Handbook a world class HVAC reference.