COVID-19 Capabilities Statement - high level & relevant Price Industries overview

Airborne Pathogen HVAC Considerations for Safer Indoor Environments - White paper reviewing airborne pathogen fundamentals and methods for reducing HVAC contaminants

HVAC Solutions for Reducing Airborne Pathogens - Retrofit Applications - Price system solutions that reduce the concentration and spread of airborne pathogens for retrofit and renovation applications

HVAC Solutions for Reducing Airborne Pathogens - New Construction - Price systems solutions that reduce the concentration and spread of airborne pathogens for new construction applications

Indoor Aerosol Tracking - Use CFD to predict how your HVAC design will impact airborne particles 

Retrofit Isolation Room Applications - Critical Environment solutions

Hotel/Dorm-to-Healthcare Conversion Document (H2HC) - relevant Price solutions including Critical Environments & Antec Controls

Arena/Convention-to-Healthcare Conversion Document (A2HC) - relevant Price solutions including Antec Controls, Noise Control, & Grilles Registers Diffusers

COVID-19 Project List - COVID-19 response projects that Price has participated in

Pandemic Ready Patient Rooms Brochure

2021 CARES Act Tax Benefits - what you need to know to write off 100% of qualifying facility improvement costs

Is Your Classroom Air Safe? - Explore how displacement ventilation can provide superior air quality in your classroom environment.


Room Air Purifier (RAP) - provide portable room HEPA filtration with optional UV light and bi-polar ionization

Puraflo - provide HEPA filtration and increased room air changes, effectively reducing the concentration of airborne contaminants 

Overhead Air Purifier (OAP) - provide in-ceiling room HEPA filtration with optional UV light and bi-polar ionization

Fan Filter Unit (FFU) - create negative pressure while providing HEPA filtration

Filtered Diffuser Module (FDM) - provide MERV 13/15 filtration at supply diffusers to reduce airborne contaminants

Room Pressure Monitor (PM) - monitor room pressure for A2HC & H2HC applications

Critical Space Controller (Pace™) - control room pressure for A2HC applications

Room Pressure Sensor (SRPS) - measure room pressure for A2HC applications

Multi-Variable Monitor (MVM) - display room pressures for A2HC applications

Displacement Flow Ceiling Diffuser (DFC) - low velocity supply air from the ceiling

Rectangular 1 Way Corner Displacement Diffuser (DF1C) – low velocity supply air from room corners

Circular Silencers (CS) - A2HC & H2HC applications including fan noise reduction

Rectangular Silencers (RL/RM/RH) - A2HC & H2HC applications including fan noise reduction

Acoustic Panels (AP) - A2HC & H2HC applications including fan noise reduction

High Capacity Drum Louver (HCD) - A2HC applications to deliver conditioned air 



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Cal/OSHA will create emergency COVID workplace safety rules – LA Times, 9/17/20

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Medical Center converts cafeteria into 74-Bed COVID-19 treatment unit - Hackensack Meridian Health, 4/4/20

Converting alternative structures for Coronavirus (COVID-19) patients - Henderson Engineers, 4/2/20



Introducing the Price Room Air Purifier - Short video walking through the three key air cleaning processes provided by the RAP to keep occupants safe

Price Room Air Purifier (RAP) Smoke Test – 1min time lapse comparing standard overhead mixing system smoke removal with and without Price RAP

Installation of Exhaust Flow FFU in Retrofit Isolation Rooms - 3min time lapse procedure for installing an exhaust (or reverse) flow fan filter unit

Exposed Filtered Diffuser Module (FDM) Installation - Learn how the FDM can be installed in less than 3 minutes

Province Unveils Outdoor Visitation Spaces at Manitoba Care Homes - Price FFUs used to provide a safe visiting space for seniors

Shuttered Blue Island Hospital to Reopen for COVID-19 Patients - Retrofit project uses FFUs to establish negative pressure isolation rooms

Price Employee Thank You Video

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